Adobe FireFly – a new tool for creating graphics using AI

BY Iwona Napierała

In recent months, tools and applications based on artificial intelligence have conquered many industries.

Even in the field of graphic design, we already have various products such as DALL-E or Midjourney. However, the latest and perhaps most ground-breaking discovery is a product from Adobe.

What is Adobe FireFly?

It is a tool that is an artificial intelligence-based system that focuses on creating different types of graphics and images based on a text query. There is currently a beta version of this product on the market, which can be tested by going to the manufacturer’s website (currently completely free) and creating an Adobe account.

Curious as to how you can use AI tools for your needs?

How is FireFly different from other AI graphics programs?

Of course, the basic principle of operation is the same as in other such applications and involves generating an image when a text query is entered.

However, the functional differences are many and, as graphic designers say, this product finally has the features that previous tools lacked.

First and foremost, FireFly has a comprehensive interface that allows the creator not only to generate an image, but also to control it afterwards.

Generated graphics can be transferred to other applications for further processing. In addition, the manufacturers say that the new application gives creators the ability to generate three-dimensional images, animations and editable vectors. Once an image has been created, the user will also be able to edit selected parts of the image through further text queries.

graphic designer working with Adobe Firefly

In addition, Adobe FireFly can create images based on other images that resemble a particular style, including 3D graphics and sketches. The artist will also be able to train the AI on the basis of the images and graphics provided, so that a consistent and stylistically uniform layout can be created for an advertising campaign, for example.

Selected elements from the object database can be added to the final image, the proportions of graphic elements can be changed and the resolution of images can be increased.

What about copyright?

Here, too, Adobe’s new product is unrivalled. According to the manufacturers, the tool will guarantee copyright protection. At the moment, it is only trained on images in Adobe Stock galleries, on content that has an open licence or whose licence has expired.

Eventually, the services will be integrated into a system called the Content Authenticity Initiative. Adobe plans to pay artists to make their work available for AI training.

The artists will also be able to train the AI themselves using the images and graphics they provide, for example to create a consistent and stylistically uniform layout for an advertising campaign.

graphic designer working with Adobe Firefly

What do we think?

It seems that this tool finally meets the expectations of many users and is a step in the right direction when it comes to setting standards for how artificial intelligence can use the work of creators.

Used properly, it can be a huge help in the process of creating and preparing graphics and images for advertising campaigns. However, we will not stop testing and will share our findings with you.

Adobe Firefly Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: What is Adobe Firefly?

Answer: Adobe Firefly is a new tool for creating graphics that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to generate images, effects, and other visual elements.

Question: What are the main features of Adobe Firefly?

Answer: Adobe Firefly offers features such as generating graphics from text descriptions, AI-powered image editing, creating unique visual effects, and integration with other Adobe tools.

Question: Who is Adobe Firefly designed for?

Answer: Adobe Firefly is designed for graphic designers, marketers, and other professionals who want to quickly and efficiently create visually appealing materials with the help of artificial intelligence.

Question: How does generating graphics from text descriptions work in Adobe Firefly?

Answer: In Adobe Firefly, you can input a text description, and the tool will use AI to generate a graphic based on that description. This allows for the creation of unique images tailored to specific needs.

Question: Is Adobe Firefly easy to use?

Answer: Yes, Adobe Firefly is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, even for people without advanced technical knowledge.

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