Social media audit – when is it useful?

BY Tomek Napierała

The rapid growth of social media makes marketing on social platforms increasingly complex.

Brands are faced with challenges that they must overcome in order to achieve satisfactory results. Here are some of the key complications that companies are facing these days:

Increasing competition

The number of users of social media platforms has increased significantly in recent years, and it has become almost mandatory for brands to have a presence on SoMe. Both companies and individuals are competing for the audience’s attention when promoting their products and services. While social media is a great place for marketing, there is no denying that the ubiquitous competition makes it quite difficult for brands. It is becoming increasingly difficult for them to stand out and reach their target audience.

Evolving algorithms

The volatility of social media is also linked to constant algorithm updates. Unfortunately, these often mean further setbacks, particularly in achieving organic reach and audience engagement. These mechanisms can prioritise more engaging and original content, meaning that brands need to be more creative and provide valuable content to reach a wider audience.

Privacy concerns

Consumers are increasingly concerned about privacy and data protection. In recent years, social networks have come under increased scrutiny and regulation. Tools have been introduced to give users more control over what data is collected and how it is used. Companies are being forced to be more transparent about their privacy policies, affecting advertising strategies and how audience data is collected and used. As a result, social media marketing is becoming more complex.

Rising advertising costs

With the increasing popularity and competitiveness of social media comes increasing advertising costs. This is another complication for marketing in SoMe. Companies have to invest more to achieve the same results with less money.

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Diversifying Social Media Platforms

It is not easy to keep up with the changing social media landscape. As new platforms emerge, existing ones are transformed. What complications does this bring? First and foremost, the difficulty of adapting the right strategy and keeping up with dynamic trends. The emergence of TikTok is a perfect example. It created an opportunity to reach a younger audience, but at the same time it required a completely different approach than existing platforms. As time went on, it was these traditional portals that began to change along the lines of the fast-growing TikTok, making it all the more important for brands to be aware of current trends.

It’s getting harder

The short video trend is a prime example of how social media marketing is becoming more complex. Short videos have become extremely popular in recent years, with platforms such as TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts attracting millions of users.

For businesses, this trend presents both opportunities and challenges. On the one hand, short videos offer a new way to engage audiences and present products or services in a more dynamic and visually appealing way. On the other hand, creating compelling short video content requires a different set of skills and resources than traditional social media marketing, which can be a challenge for some.

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In-house or with a social media agency

Many marketers choose to hire an agency, others work in-house.

Choosing to work with an in-house team has many advantages. Firstly, it gives you more control over the tasks at hand and allows you to respond quickly (although agencies can often deliver urgent actions in less time). In addition, working with an in-house social media team gives you the opportunity to get to know your product or service intimately, which is a huge advantage.

There are also many advantages to working with an agency. You can benefit from their creativity, cost-effectiveness and knowledge of the latest trends, technologies and examples of other clients’ campaigns.

However, even if you choose to have an in-house social media team, you can still benefit from the agency’s knowledge and experience by commissioning quarterly reviews of your ongoing activities.

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Quarterly Social Media Audit

At Neon Shake, we offer marketers a review of their social media communications on a quarterly or six-monthly basis. In this way, you can be sure that your in-house activities are in line with the latest trends. In addition, the agency will add some of its ideas for the coming period. The scope of the review can vary, but is always aimed at providing the client with up-to-date knowledge and valuable recommendations for the future.

What is included in the Quarterly Social Media Review?

The quarterly review consists of

  1. Nn analysis of the brand’s communication across SoMe channels, including
  • Content (text, visuals, post formats)
  • Media promotion
  • Moderation
  1. Analysis of competitors’ communications
  • Content (textual content, visuals, post formats)
  • Facilitation

3. Evaluation and conclusions

4. Summary of the latest trends in SoMe globally

5. Recommendations for the next quarter

  • Post formats
  • Topics covered
  • Guidelines for media campaigns
  • How to facilitate

The audit can also include a set number of ready-made creative pieces (e.g. videos or carousels) and a set of analysis and recommendations in the form of a PDF presentation. As part of the service we also book a meeting time and a 2 hour consultation.

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Why is it worth it?

By ordering a quarterly or bi-annual social media audit, you get an independent, expert view of your team’s activities. You will be assured that your activities are in line with market trends and that the media results achieved are close to the best benchmarks in the market for a given category and media budget size.

You will provide your team with access to knowledge and the latest trends and technological innovations. You will also help them identify potential problems and resolve them in conjunction with an experienced consultant.

Most importantly, you will optimise costs while building strategically sound, valuable and engaging social media communications for your brand.

How much does it cost?

By design, cooperation in this model is expected to be significantly cheaper than hiring an agency for permanent SoMe services. The prices we can expect for July 2023, depending on the scope of activities, will range from PLN 2600 to 5500 net per quarter. In the case of semi-annual reviews, we will fit between PLN 5000 and 8000 net.

The price is influenced by the number of profiles analysed, the breadth of the competitor analysis, the number of possible finished posts from the agency and several other guidelines.

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Other forms of cooperation with an agency

Wondering which form of cooperation with an agency will work best for your business? Contact us for a free consultation so that we can tailor our activities to your individual needs and answer your questions.

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Maybe instead of a quarterly social media audit it would work better:

  • social media communication strategy
  • training courses
  • on-demand consultancy
  • Ongoing full service



In the rapidly evolving landscape of social media, brands face numerous challenges such as increasing competition, changing algorithms, privacy concerns, and the diversification of platforms. To navigate these complexities and ensure effective social media presence, a social media audit becomes crucial. This audit involves a thorough analysis of a brand’s social media activities, including content, media promotion, and moderation, as well as a comparison with competitors. It helps in identifying areas of improvement, aligning strategies with current trends, and optimizing social media efforts for better engagement and reach. Regular audits, such as quarterly or bi-annual, provide valuable insights and recommendations, aiding brands in staying relevant and competitive in the dynamic social media environment.

FAQ: Social Media Audit


What is a Social Media Audit?

Answer: A social media audit is a comprehensive review of a brand’s social media strategy and activities. It assesses content, media promotion, and moderation, and compares these with competitors to identify areas for improvement.

Why is a Social Media Audit Important?

Answer: It helps brands understand their current social media standing, align strategies with market trends, and optimize efforts for better engagement and reach.

What Does a Social Media Audit Include?

Answer: The audit includes analysis of brand communication across social media channels, competitor communication analysis, evaluation of current strategies, and recommendations for future actions.

How Often Should a Social Media Audit be Conducted?

Answer: It’s recommended to conduct a social media audit quarterly or bi-annually to keep up with the rapidly changing social media landscape.

What are the Benefits of a Social Media Audit?

Answer: It provides an independent, expert view of a brand’s social media activities, ensuring alignment with market trends and optimizing cost while building engaging social media communications.

Tomek Napierała
Partner at Neon Shake

Tomek has been working in the marketing industry since 2005. At our agency, he is responsible for the strategy and creation department as well as new business and marketing. He is also co-host of the Let’s Try AI podcast, where he discusses the impact of the development of artificial intelligence on our private and professional lives.

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