AI in Marketing: What does the market offer in 2024?

BY Basia Zaraczyńska

For at least a year now, we’ve witnessed immense interest in artificial intelligence.

It’s no longer seen merely as a curiosity but as a tool that is currently revolutionizing many industries and offering vast opportunities.

Though the technology isn’t perfect yet – understandably, as it’s relatively new – we’re observing its rapid development. 2024 marks the turning point for companies; either they keep up with the competition, which is already testing and utilizing AI’s capabilities, or risk falling behind.

Artificial intelligence in advertising campaigns

Coca-Cola: Create Real Magic
Big brands are already leveraging AI in advertising campaigns in various ways. Coca-Cola’s “Create Real Magic” is a continuation of their multi-award-winning campaign that featured the iconic drink intertwined with works of art worldwide. Expanding this concept, the brand developed an innovative app using AI algorithms. Users could create their own artwork featuring the iconic Coca-Cola bottle, with the best projects showcased prominently, even in places like Times Square. This engagement aligned perfectly with the brand’s philosophy.

Heinz: A.I. Ketchup
Heinz’s campaign encouraged people to paint ketchup bottles, with most artworks naturally resembling Heinz’s distinctive shape. Introducing AI in the next phase, the brand asked for the AI’s vision of ketchup, resulting in images dominated by Heinz-style bottles. This reaffirmed Heinz’s position as a leader in its category.

AI in Marketing – barriers

We haven’t seen many marketing campaigns incorporating AI as a final effect element. Three barriers contribute to this: AI Hallucinations, Confidentiality, and Copyright Laws.

AI Hallucinations
Mainly occurring in generative AI models, these can lead to generated content seeming real but having no connection to actual input data. Vigilance is required, especially for SEO content creation, to rectify errors or fabrications continuously.

Currently, access to secure, closed AI solutions is limited. Publicly available AI tools can’t handle sensitive data, restricting their utility.

Copyright Laws in AI
Legalities concerning AI-generated content are complex and evolving, primarily designed for human creators. There’s a risk of unintentional plagiarism due to AI-generated graphics, potentially leading to legal issues.

Despite these barriers, exploring and slowly learning available AI tools, even in demo versions, is necessary in today’s rapidly advancing technology landscape.

Practical use of AI in marketing

Now, let’s delve into practical applications of artificial intelligence in various marketing departments:

AI tools in strategy
AI tools significantly enhance strategic and creative work. They assist strategists in formulating hypotheses, which, when verified, can lead to deeper insights. Notable tools include Perplexity AI for information and insights search in narrowed databases, Gemini, GPT Chatbots for standard insights search, and Adaily for benchmarking.

AI Tools in Copywriting
AI aids in overcoming writer’s block by suggesting directions. Tools like Gemini, Chatboty GPT, Jasper AI, Writesonic, and Copy AI are effective in generating content ideas.

AI Tools in Graphic Design
AI-generated graphics facilitate campaign creation, from initial designs to storyboards, streamlining the visualization process. Tools like Midjourney, DALLE, Ideogram, as well as integrated AI capabilities in existing programs like Canva, Adobe FireFly, and Figma, provide additional design possibilities.

AI Tools in naming and branding
AI assists in brainstorming abstract names or creating quick branding proposals, saving time in the branding process. Tools such as Looka, Namix, and Fiver offer features for logo creation, naming, and more.

AI Tools in video production
AI enables tasks like generating synthetic elements on-screen or editing lip sync, though its widespread adoption in video production is still evolving. Notable tools include PIKA, Runway AI, and the upcoming SORA.

AI Tools in UI
Recent years have seen significant advancements in AI-supported interface design tools, simplifying website creation without deep programming knowledge. Notable tools include Wix, Framer, and Dora AI for creating full-scale interfaces efficiently.


The market offers myriad possibilities, continually evolving in the dynamic business landscape. Embracing AI tools in marketing is essential for staying competitive. Despite challenges like AI hallucinations, data confidentiality, and copyright issues, the benefits are undeniable.

AI’s versatility across various marketing aspects, from copywriting to video production, presents invaluable support for marketers. Continuously exploring AI’s potential and integrating innovative tools can significantly enhance company development and marketing effectiveness.


What are the main challenges associated with using AI in marketing?

Answer: AI hallucinations, data confidentiality, and copyright issues are the primary challenges. AI-generated content can sometimes present false information, and using publicly available AI tools may jeopardize data security and raise copyright concerns.

What are the practical applications of AI in various marketing areas?

Answer: AI finds practical applications in brand strategy, copywriting, graphic design, branding, video production, and interface design. It aids in data analysis, content generation, user experience personalization, process automation, and advertising optimization.

What are the prospects for AI development in marketing in the near future?

Answer: The prospects for AI development in marketing are promising. Continued advancements in AI tools’ availability and functionality will enable more advanced and effective marketing applications. Additionally, AI technology may introduce innovative solutions to better meet evolving customer needs and expectations.

Basia Zaraczyńska
Marketing Specialist

Basia is a graduate of Image Communication at the University of Wrocław. At Neon Shake she is responsible for the agency’s marketing. She is interested in UX Design and branding.

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