CSR activities. What should a socially responsible campaign be like?

BY Kacper Kaźmierczak

Brands have been speaking on important social issues for a long time. The KMPG report showed that nearly 80% of company representatives see a positive impact of CSR activities. What works best? Openness, strategic decision making and multidimensional observation of the problem. Was that what the campaigns we chose were guided by? Let’s find out!

Contemporary CSR

It is a marketing tool that serves to help in socially important issues as well as to share the company’s values ​​with recipients. It gives the rhythm of communication and builds brand awareness, which is why brands often choose it.

What influences the CSR campaigns today? Organisations focus on contemporary problems. Therefore, it is necessary to take a stand  on the climate crisis, gender equality, the prevention of mental illness and the prioritisation of safety in sport.

Pass it on!

The forms of CSR activities have no limitations. Recently, these have included: fundraising for hospitals caused by a pandemic, investments in municipal air purifiers or promotion of a healthy lifestyle. Clearly taking a stand places the brand in a specific worldview. It allows the consumer to identify with its values ​​and feel into the brand idea. So, what are effective CSR actions based on? A dynamic concept, well-thought-out strategy of activities, and first of all, openness to the needs of stakeholders.

csr activities

Inhale and exhale. CSR for clean air.

Poland is at the forefront of the European Union in terms of air pollution. An example of a reaction to an emerging problem was the behaviour of one of the foreign insurance companies. Conducted study on nearly 1,000 people showed that the problem of smog in the country affects 94% of the population.

In response, the company presented actions that were dynamic and diversified in the context of the channels of reaching. It prepared air purifying billboards. It took care of increasing the  awareness of the prevention of lung diseases. The culmination of the structural CSR strategy was the organisation of a pro-health run.

The actions were very positively received. They have placed the brand in the position of a strong, ecological player. The social campaign was awarded in one of the most important marketing competitions. Listening to the needs of stakeholders, in-depth problem analysis and multi-faceted action have brought success.

Safe mountains, bold action

Combining a product campaign with an important social message is a challenge. We undertook it together with the Decathlon brand, creating the “Korona Polskich Skałek”.

In our activities, we wanted to place Simmond products as reliable equipment on the trail and generate a socially important value for climbers. We wanted to convey how valuable their commitment and professionalism are. The power of influencers with whom we started cooperation and support of the Polish Mountaineering Association helped to effectively promote the campaign.

We have increased the awareness of the recipients about the brand. We also managed to collect 10,000 zlotys for the renovation of belay points and improvement of safety in Polish rocks. Determination and synergistic cooperation led to the undoubted success of the campaign.

CSR activities

CSR breaks the taboo

The trend of questioning the constructs of public discussions is gaining momentum. An example would be problems with getting pregnant. As a society, we cease to be afraid of touching upon important human topics. We have contributed to this.

The task of the activities prepared by us was to hand over the DNA brand of the Invimed company. We wanted not to communicate directly about its advantages. It was the recipients who were to form their own conviction about the understanding, delicacy and professionalism of the clinic. 

We involved patients undertaking therapy. In the interviews, they communicated the emotions involved in trying to conceive a child. “Finally someone said aloud what people with infertility feel.” The feedback clearly showed the effectiveness of the strategy. 

The action was approved by the medical community. It was also appreciated by the stakeholders for whom we created the campaign. It showed the brand’s values ​​in a human and authentic light and allowed for the breakage of the taboo on infertility.

Highlands of CSR

“People are divided into those who do not need to explain this passion and those who will never get it.” The words of Piotr Pustelnik are the clue of CSR activities that we have undertaken again with the Decathlon brand. “What do you need this for?” is a response to the misunderstanding faced by climbing enthusiasts. For people who are not involved in sport or are not able to understand the essence of this passion – being in extreme weather conditions is unimaginable. It is the greatest passion for mountain lovers. We helped to pass it on to a wider group. We established cooperation with the ambassador, constructed the mechanics and prepared an action strategy.

Through cause related marketing we combined the construction of brand awareness with those important for a wider group message. A beautiful drama. CSR and hate speech

“Be a man and don’t wear makeup”
“Your skin is too dark”,
“This forehead can be seen from the moon.”

It is not only public figures that encounter hate speech. These are just examples of the negative comments that appear under photos of private people on social media. They are caused by an apparent sense of anonymity on the Internet. They have a destructive impact on self-acceptance and self-confidence of hundreds of thousands of people.

One of the global cosmetic brands has taken a stand. In cooperation with influencers, it prepared a social campaign. It encouraged self-acceptance and a change of perception of others, not only through the prism of external appearance. Its directness and universal message are a decisive advantage of the action. The most important goal was that expressing feelings, expressing yourself and self-love were not hampered by the opinion of others. The brand saw the target’s problems very well. Through values ​​such as self-love, honesty and sensitivity, it added to its authentic character.

Is this topic interesting for you?

Actions speak louder than words. Why is CSR the future?

We are examining companies’ communication strategies more and more closely. The trend of expressing their worldview by brands is also gaining momentum. A skilful strategy of such activities brings benefits for the brand identity, building an authentic image, but first of all – for the society.

Which campaigns are the best in your opinion? Is there a brand that you have changed your attitude towards through its pro-social strategies? Share your thoughts in the comment! 

CSR – Frequently Asked Questions

What is CSR and why is it important for brands?

Answer: CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is a marketing tool used by brands to address socially important issues and share company values. It’s important for building brand awareness and aligning with contemporary societal concerns.

What are some examples of effective CSR activities?

Answer: Effective CSR activities can include fundraising for hospitals, investments in municipal air purifiers, promoting healthy lifestyles, and campaigns addressing social issues like gender equality or mental health.

How can CSR campaigns impact brand perception?

Answer: CSR campaigns can significantly enhance brand perception by aligning the brand with important social issues, thereby attracting consumers who identify with these values and view the brand as socially responsible.

What challenges do brands face when implementing CSR campaigns?

Answer: Brands face the challenge of integrating product campaigns with social messages in a way that is authentic and resonates with their audience, without appearing opportunistic or insincere.

Is CSR the future of brand communication?

Answer: Yes, CSR is increasingly becoming a key aspect of brand communication. Consumers are more attentive to a brand’s worldview and values, making CSR a strategic tool for building an authentic brand image and positively impacting society.

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