A 360 campaigns: the key to effective promotion of your business

BY Arek Morawski

Today, with most businesses moving their operations online, marketing campaigns are an integral part of effective online promotion.

One of the most effective approaches is the use of 360-degree campaigns. These types of campaigns provide a comprehensive approach to promotion, covering a variety of marketing channels.

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What are 360 degree campaigns?

360-degree campaigns are an advertising strategy that uses a variety of marketing channels to reach potential customers. Such campaigns are comprehensive, integrating multiple elements such as TV, radio, print, online, social media, email marketing and more. The idea of a 360 campaign is to achieve maximum visibility, reach and interaction through the simultaneous use of different promotional channels.

The importance of 360 campaigns in online advertising

Reach customers effectively

One of the greatest strengths of a 360 campaign is its ability to effectively reach different audiences. By using a variety of channels, we can reach customers who prefer different forms of communication. Whether a potential customer is using social media or watching TV, a 360 campaign allows us to reach them in the place that feels most natural to them.

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Strengthen your brand and build trust

360-degree campaigns enable consistent branding across multiple advertising channels. When customers see our advert on TV, hear about us on the radio, see our online banners and observe us on social media, a sense of trust and brand recognition is built. Consistent communication of the company’s values and mission across channels leads to increased customer loyalty and engagement.

Increased reach and visibility

360-degree campaigns allow us to achieve far greater reach than traditional advertising methods. By using multiple channels, we can reach a wider audience. For example, if our campaign includes TV ads, online ads and email marketing, our messages will reach customers with different consumption habits and preferences. This allows us to increase brand awareness and reach more potential customers.

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Key elements of a 360 campaign

Create engaging content

As part of a 360-degree campaign, it is extremely important to create engaging content that grabs customers’ attention and drives them to action. Whether we create text, video or graphic content, it should be interesting, valuable and in line with the expectations of our target audience. Creating engaging content is a key element of a successful 360 campaign.

SEO Optimisation

Search engine optimisation (SEO) plays a key role in online promotion. Using the right keywords, meta descriptions, internal and external links and optimal page structure will help to improve the visibility of our content in search engine results. SEO should be an integral part of our 360-degree campaign to ensure maximum organic traffic to our website.

Using social media

Social media has become an integral part of today’s world. Using platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn as part of a 360 campaign allows us to reach and interact with a wide audience. By posting interesting content, running competitions, responding to comments or running promotions, we can build connections with our community and increase brand awareness.

Email campaigns

The power of email campaigns as part of a 360-degree strategy should not be overlooked. By sending personalised messages, newsletters or special offers, we can keep in touch with our customers and remind them of our brand. Email campaigns allow us to reach our recipients directly in their inboxes, giving us more control over the communication and a greater chance of conversion.

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How to implement a 360-degree campaign effectively?

Define the campaign objectives

The first step in implementing a 360-degree campaign is to identify the objectives you want to achieve. Do we want to increase sales, raise brand awareness or reach new audiences? Identifying the objectives will help us focus on the most important activities and monitor the progress of the campaign.

Choosing the right channels

Once the objectives have been identified, it is important to select the appropriate promotional channels that will be most effective for our target audience. Some industries may benefit from TV and radio advertising, while others may focus more on social media and email campaigns. It is important to tailor the choice of channels to the needs and preferences of our target audience.

Monitor and analyse results

The final step is to monitor and analyse the results of the campaign. It is important to regularly check which activities are producing the best results and to adjust the strategy based on the data collected. Monitoring and analysis will allow us to better understand the effectiveness of our campaign and identify areas for improvement.

Personalisation and segmentation

As part of a 360-degree campaign, it pays to focus on personalising and segmenting our messages. By gathering data about our customers and their preferences, we can tailor our content and offers to their individual needs. Personalised messages are more effective and attract more attention from the audience, resulting in more effective campaigns.

Maintain consistency and coherence

An important aspect of a 360-degree campaign is maintaining consistency and coherence of messages across channels. Our brand should be recognisable and consistent across all customer touch points. All elements of the campaign, from graphics and colours to tone and values, should be consistent and reflect our brand identity. In this way we build a strong, unified and recognisable online presence.


A 360-degree campaigns are key to effective online promotion. They involve using a variety of marketing channels to reach customers, strengthen the brand and increase reach. Key elements of 360 campaigns include the creation of engaging content, SEO optimisation, use of social media and email campaigns. When properly implemented, 360-degree campaigns can achieve significant results and increase the effectiveness of our online promotion.

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1. Are 360 degree campaigns suitable for small businesses?

Yes, 360 degree campaigns can be an effective promotional tool for small businesses. The key is to choose the right promotional channels and align your strategy with your budget and business objectives.

2. What are the main benefits of 360 degree campaigns?

360-degree campaigns allow you to effectively reach your customers, strengthen your brand and increase your reach and visibility.

3. What are the key elements of an effective 360 campaign?

The key elements are the creation of engaging content, SEO optimisation, use of social media and email campaigns.

4. How do you monitor the effectiveness of a 360 campaign?

You should regularly monitor and analyse the results of the campaign, for example by tracking metrics such as website traffic, number of clicks or conversions.

5. Are 360 degree campaigns suitable for all industries?

Yes, 360-degree campaigns can be used in a variety of industries, but the strategy and choice of promotional channels should be tailored to the specific industry and target audience.

Arek Morawski

Arek is our Head of Performance. For many years he has been working on projects that mainly involve performance marketing. Arek is very familiar with the area of SEO, SEM and all Digital. As a result, our agency is able to update the knowledge and tools needed for performance campaigns and activities

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