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2022-09-19 BY Anna Mitranka

Digital marketing – what is it all about? And how to choose a good digital marketing agency.

What is digital marketing? As the name suggests, digital marketing is advertising activities using digital formats, and therefore related to modern technologies. In simple terms, it can be said that these are advertising activities on the Internet, hence other names are Internet marketing or online marketing.  The changes that have occurred in the world in […]

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BY Kacper Kaźmierczak

Aim-and-shoot! What is performance marketing?

We live in a time of advertising blindness. Experts defined this phenomenon as automatic self-defense against sponsored material. How to encourage recipients to interact with the brand anyway? Performance marketing comes with the solution. It is based on conversion, i.e. measurable effectiveness of implemented campaigns. What else is behind performance marketing? Let’s figure it out! […]

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BY Kacper Kaźmierczak

How to play gaming marketing?

Principles and examples of effective marketing communication in  gaming. Gaming market in Poland. From niche to mainstream If we would say that the gaming industry has been developing dynamically in recent  years, it is the same as saying nothing.  In Poland, there is already over 16 million gamers.  According to the latest studies, the value of the advertising market in this category […]

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BY Anna Mitranka

Briefly about the brief. How to write an effective advertising brief

Brief – what is it? A marketing brief (brief – short, concise, laconic, summary) – also known as an advertising brief or promotional brief – is a document that collects information in a short, essential and accessible form necessary to implement a project by an agency. A well-written brief facilitates communication with the agency and […]

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2022-09-18 BY Kacper Kaźmierczak

CSR activities. What should a socially responsible campaign be like?

Brands have been speaking on important social issues for a long time. The KMPG report showed that nearly 80% of company representatives see a positive impact of CSR activities. What works best? Openness, strategic decision making and multidimensional observation of the problem. Was that what the campaigns we chose were guided by? Let’s find out! […]

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