How do we work?

We like to create and design, as individuals or as a team. We love big ideas but celebrate the little things too. We are constantly changing and looking to move forwards.


Our clients

We are based in Wroclaw, but create campaigns for clients across Poland and Europe. London, Vienna or Helsinki? We'll come and meet you!

What's new?

Photo sessions, integrations, campaigns, recruitment, client meetings... See what we are up to right now.

How can we help?

We hope our portfolio fires your imagination. If you've got any questions about our competences or want to get straight down to talking about a campaign, we're here to answer all your questions - on the phone, via video chat, or face to face.

Karolina Jabłońska

New Business Manager
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+48 71 341 71 40

Oliwia Domańska

Management Assistant
+48 690 003 349
+48 71 341 71 40

Neon Shake sp. z o.o.
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